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This is the second part of our Needy Delivery story. Read the first part here.

Apple is known to have very strict guidelines to be approved for the App Store. These guidelines hopefully are there to ensure iPhone users have the best experience when installing apps from the App Store.

So our first submission to App Store Connect for NeedyDelivery was rejected. Not a huge surprise. There were two reasons:

  1. Sign in with Apple
  2. Data Collection and Storage

Sign in With Apple

Apps that use a third-party or social login service (such as Facebook Login, Google Sign-In, Sign in with Twitter, Sign In with…

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This is the first part of our Needy Delivery story. Read the second part here.

With the development of Covid-19, going outside for our daily added more difficulty. Picking up food at our local grocery store became a potential health risk. Social distancing has become our norm, where individuals keep a safe distance from each other to avoid any possible spread of infection.

To help those get access to food donations during these troubling times, we made Needy Delivery.

What is Needy Delivery?

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Closures are a fundamental concept to Javascript but can be difficult for beginners to understand. To alleviate this, we will define the basic concept and then apply this abstract concept to something familiar like a car.

Basic Concept

A closure is a combination of a function and the outer scope. The outer scope can refer to variables or other functions.

A simple example would be:

var outerVar = "value";function enclosedFunc() {    
// value

Here enclosedFunc is the enclosed function that prints outerVar.

The outer scope of enclosedFunc is the global scope, which includes outerVar.

When executing enclosedFunc, it…

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There have been several life-altering events this year like the Covid-19 pandemic and wildfires in California. This is why casting our ballot is especially important for addressing issues affecting our community. For example, proposition 19 will allow victims of natural disasters to move to a new home and keep low property taxes.

So how do these propositions get placed on the ballot? …

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